Buskers Blog: August 2014

September 11, 2014 at 6:14 pm

Well hello there my Lovely Ladies & Gracious Gents its that time again……. BUSKERS BLOG POST ENTRY


So starting off the month of August for the month and also the first thing I’m going to be talking about/ showing pictures of/ sharing stories and such with all you lovely lot, is something I briefly mentioned in last months post…….


Yes I had the wonderful pleasure to be invited to play upon the acoustic stage for Redscar Beer & Music Festival, a new music festival held in….. believe it or not REDCAR! (obviously)

The festival is held at  The Cleveland Hotel 9-11 High Street West Redcar (Main stage) The acoustic stage which I performed on was held in the Redscar Brewery which is attached to The Cleveland Hotel and also has an attached recording studio to that as well so quite an interesting place!

I tell you what I’m going  to walk you though the day through text and then show you some pictures from the day, sounds cool right? Yeah!

Okay so basically the day started off early, getting ready and all usual things like that, then I thought well I’ll keep myself busy until I have to leave, plus make some genuine Gentleman Busker stickers to  give out to all the lovely people at the festival.

Then I ventured out  to catch the bus from my home in  Morpeth Northumberland (small town country boy me you see!) To Newcastle Upon Tyne my spiritual home, from there I went to  the train station and had to catch the train to Darlington. Upon arriving at Darlo I had to make a mad dash to the next train, (which was already there) to Redcar IT WAS PACKED!

I then had to call the organiser Jim Hayden as I had nooo idea where to go when I arrived at Redcar, following the instructions I arrived at the venue and was given my free ale tokens. I then proceeded to listen to the 4 acts before me, make friends and sample Redscar Brewerys finest and then before I knew it, it was my time at the stage! Everyone was very attentive, took part in silly Gentleman Busker antics, seriously I wish I’d taken a photo when I was standing on the stage looking back at everyone with a sticker moustache stuck on their upper lips, it was quite a sight! My performance was well received and I thoroughly loved every minute of it!

After Playing I continued to hang out with my new found  friends, seeked out this amazing  fish and chip shop, got a little merry my friends in the  awesome punk rock band……



Click here for their website

Turned up so I hung out with those awesome guys, had a catch up and another couple of drinks, unfortunately as I had a long way to travel back I was unable to catch their set as they were playing quite late, though knowing them they would have put on an amazing show!

so yeah besides the return journey of a tired Gentleman Busker that’s my lot to write about for the


and hopefully I’ll get to do it all again next year… but get to be there for both days 😉

here’s some photos! 

  • Andi Grainger
  • Dave Brittle
  • Jim Woolley
  • Jonny Phage & Jim Woolley
  • Jim Woolley joined #stachselfie
  • Josh Westwood
  • Josh Westwood
  • Josh Westwood
  • The Acoustic stage brewery venue
  • Sara Dennis
  • Sara Dennis & Phil Cox
  • Phil Cox
  • Jim Hayden
  • Jim Hayden
  • Andy Brewster
  • Arcane 39
  • Dinnernanny
  • Landshark
  • One Man Revival
  • Street Party In Soho
  • The Running Colours
  • The Electric Cupboard



On the 12th I spent the entire day in the company of a fellow singer songwriter and friend, the gorgeous and incredibly talented…

Savannah Betts

Check out her Music Facebook page here

Because  we were  working on some collaboration stuffs, going to be getting a couple of live videos done up over at North East Recording, South Shields one of which will be myself solo performing one of my original songs and the other will be a cover  song of one of my favourite songs with the  lovely Savannah, we ended up practising more than just the one track too so perhaps sometime after we’ve done the first one there may be more who knows!?

After spending the day having a very prosperous and enjoyable practice with Savannah we went our  separate ways, my way led me to The  Dog & Parrot to perform at Cafe Wha? number 001

I got to enjoy some great performances by Constance Richardson, Nathan Newton and Tony Bengtsson and then it  was my turn at the mic, I really enjoyed Constance and Nathans performances and hadn’t seen them before, Tony however I have shared gigs with him before and man is he on another level he made himself a formidable act to follow as he kind of blew the house down earning himself a standing ovation. So I did what I had to do get up there GIVE IT EVERYTHING I HAVE and you know what? The gig  was great everything  about it plus I did  get this lovely live recording out of it!  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN  TO ‘A Man Named Sue’


15th August

On the evening of the 15th  of August I decided to play around with alternative tunings and ended up writing some cool instrumental stuff in DADDAD Tuning.



daddad tuning  writing

daddad tuning writing

19th August

I attended Cafe Wha? number 002 to check out some of the acts + support my friend Jonny Walker check out his stuff its tasty

26th August

On the 26th of  August I did some home recordinggg (of  the daddad tunes + a whole mix of percussive instuments)



What can I say about this one.

Supporting bands

Rusted Hero


Dixon Did It

were awesome! and really set the tone for an amazing album launch for the  great guys in Death To Indie

the place was full to the brim of eager excited rock and punk rock fans there was an energy, an aura… of greatness  and excitement!

Death  To Indies performance was show stopping and what else could  you  expect from a group of mad canny punk rockers, headbanging  a plenty, lead singer full-on nudity (only covered by a well placed guitar) and towards the end nearly  everyone in Trillians were up on the stage alongside the Death To Indie gang.

I loved every minute of this gig  and will be listening to the  album nonstop for a very long time to come. It would be perfectly right at home on any Tony Hawks Pro Skater game, its just that good!

this  is the end of Augusts post see you  later guys n’ gals!

Much love GB xxxxxxxxxx!