June 23, 2015 at 7:02 pm


My apologies  I haven’t posted a blog  on my website  for  agessssssss I promise I haven’t been  ignoring  you or anything. Also I have been doing things, mostly in the terms of re-writing  certain songs and also still gigs ( usually keep up to  date on  my  social media sites for  that one) BUT  ALSO MOST  RECENTLY!! I STARTED ACTUAL RECORDING  WORK FOR  MY EP  TITLED APOLOGY! work  on the EP is still currently on going also if you  haven’t seen the pictures I have posted on  my social media sites  here they are again, I promise I will keep you in  the loop bear with  me. Also my #Stashselfie  page has had a slight update, so if you’ve been to one of my gigs & received a sticker from me and  photographs have taken place it’ll probably be up there! MUCH LOVE GB!!!!!! xxx