• The Gentleman Busker, busking on High Bridge Street

Photo by Jay Dawson

Energetic passionate, influenced by a wide

range of music with folk and punk at the core.


Honest and energetic folk punk, Frank Turner meets, Alkaline Trio, Glen Hansard, Rise Against and Nirvana, repackaged in a waistcoat covered in band patches.


The Gentleman Busker; Chris Willis, is an English/Scottish
(Shetland) folk/rock singer-songwriter from Morpeth Northumberland. initially a drummer in various bands with a yearning to learn other instruments, Willis adopted the guitar and changed musical direction though still keeps the fire of drumming alive through energetic emotional performances.


“His bellowing lungs will leave you stunned and amazed!

With honest, heartfelt originals and entertaining covers

with a twist we are proud to host this finely refined

vagabond up on our stage. ” – Bound For Glory Event

Manager George Sharpe


“I have no such qualms about Apology by The Gentleman Busker, which ticks the singer-songwriter box fro this month. It keeps things nice and simple, and scores bonus points for a music video shot around the urban end of Shieldfield.” -Jonathan Coll

Narc Magazine: Issue 148 Tracks section



Photo by Adam Brown