Well that’s Frank Turners new album pre-ordered!

November 23, 2014 at 10:54 pm

Well that’s Frank Turner ‘s new album pre-ordered, Frank Turner is a big song writing inspiration of mine, I love the honesty and rawness of his work. Actually an interesting story I went to see him play in November 2012 at the o2 academy in Newcastle and the day after sent an email to him, as I had heard that he tries his hardest to return emails sent to him by his fans, I also sent him a link to my soundcloud and now this was early on in my writing and playing when I was still finding my feet. Like the day after I’d emailed him I received an email back from Frank saying “hey chris
thanks for the mail and the kind words, newcastle was ace. enjoyed the tunes man. see you next time around.”
and since then if I’ve ever had a moment of doubt about my abilities as many songwriters and musicians may do from time to time, I would look at that email and think HEY NOW one of my favourite songwriters likes my stuff that’s got to mean something! Following that I would feel a lot better and just continue writing.
New video release coming 1st December on my homepage!!!



The Gentleman Busker & Savannah Betts  video promo screenshot

The Gentleman Busker & Savannah Betts
video promo screenshot